Communication Point of sale: POS

Do you market your products at the point of sale?

Do you sell physical products in shops or shopping centres?

Do you need to create promotional actions that are eye-catching, practical and stand out on the shelf?

The good news is that consumers continue to buy products in physical locations, favouring the in-store experience where they can try before they buy.

Even after researching on digital platforms, they often make the purchase in-store.

At Aries, we guide you in creating your visual communication solution through a sustainable approach. Our cutting-edge solutions based on innovation and eco-design will help you to communicate in an efficient and sustainable way.

What do you need to implement a national campaign?

The logistical management of promotional materialis one of the key points in planning a campaign. Issues such as the location of the installation, the time of day for the set-up or the geographical dispersion of the locations are essential for optimal planning.

The peace of mind that comes from controlling the entire process is our differentiating value.

We keep the client informed of the status of their orders by giving them access to the images taken by our teams.

The correct installation of our communication solutions at the point of sale on the agreed date, guaranteeing the visibility of the brand on a global scale, is assured.

Opt for eco-design at the point of sale.
Your customers appreciate and look for a committed brand.