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Aries, our sustanability compromise

Aries Grupo de Comunicación is committed to the sustainable management of natural resources and the fight against climate change. A firm commitment to creating better and more sustainable graphic communication products and services,as well as promoting an environmentally responsible attitude in our field of activity.

These are the foundations on which the evolution of our company is based; a responsible dynamism, committed to today’s society and to future generations, based on sustainability.

Our business is based on paper, an environmentally friendly raw material, which is recycled at will through the process of fibre extraction, spinning and removal of remaining inks. Local companies are involved in this recycling process, helping to give paper a new life.

As part of our waste management plan, we sort all the waste we produce, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

All waste is managed by CAM approved waste managers

  • 68.81% of the waste produced was recycled.
  • 11.14% of waste was subject to recovery actions other than recycling.
  • Only 20.06% of our waste was disposed of by our waste managers.

by installing energy-saving LED lamps and solar panels.

We see our carbon footprint as a key element in mitigating climate change and contributing to the achievement of the EU’s 2050 targets.

by adopting preventive measures in the different phases of the life cycle of each campaign, proactively contributing to our clients’ achievement of their environmental objectives.

We manage the impacts that our company’s activities generate on our customers, employees, partners, local communities, the environment and society at large, as we are a member in the Spanish Global Compact Network, the world’s largest corporate social responsibility initiative.

guaranteeing a balance between economic, social and environmental growth, through a long-term sustainable business model, ready to offer our customers graphic and digital solutions with a rational use of energy resources.