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Behind great ideas there are always excellent teams to develop them. Undoubtedly, the result of combined efforts leads to success. We are experts in communication in any media, and we are clear that the most important value is your customers. That’s why we want to help you take care of them.

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Do you want to gain visibility and help your customers stay safe?


Discover the advantages of mask holders as a communication tool.

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We are in a delicate situation and it is important to provide resources and initiatives to ensure the safety of customers.

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Your brand, a campaign, personalised one by one, with digital integration, in full colour or with name.

Let your imagination run wild, this stand has no limits.

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A sustainable product that can be used for a wide range of purposes and is not only recyclable, but also made from certified paper.

A sure-fire way to make your campaigns care for the planet.

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Its handy size allows for convenient storage, while ensuring that the mask does not get dirty or damaged.
It is certainly an element thatcustomers will not want to part with.

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How does it work? Easy!

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Do you want to see how they would look with your design?


Mask holders are the mostoriginal, safe and convenient optionfor storing masks and, without a doubt, as a promotional product for your company.

Don’t miss out on yours! Write us through the link to get them with your personalised design.

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Discover our latest developments

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